Public welfare

Public welfare is a priority for the Chinese justice system: President Xi | #AsiaNewsNetwork

Xi Jinping, secretary general of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, urged law enforcement and judicial services to better fulfill their obligations to protect the country’s political security and social stability and to deploy all possible efforts to promote justice and ensure a safe living environment. for the people. Xi, also president of China […]

Public welfare

None of the NDA government’s social protection programs bear my name: PM Modi

Refuting the opposition’s contention that all major central administration programs in place are those initiated by the previous Congressional regime and are run superficially by changing their nomenclature, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said none of the The government’s social protection programs of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) are named after him. “Was Narendra Modi written […]

Public community

Enrollment at WV Public Community Colleges Plummeted by One-Quarter in 5 Years | Education

The number of students enrolled in public community colleges in West Virginia fell to around 23,900 last academic year, down 9% from the previous academic year and 25% in the past five years . Some more recent figures are available, and while they are not directly comparable to the figures for the 2017-18 academic year […]