Public service

A public service | Opinion


The Aspen Daily News has done a public service by publishing Mr. John Fayhee’s detailed reporting on our MP, Lauren Boebert.

However, one of the main themes of the article, the number of bills sponsored by the MP, is very misleading. Aside from the harsh reality that Nancy Pelosi’s partisan control of Congress makes it nearly impossible for Republicans to push through legislation, that assumes that more laws, regulations, and rules are a good thing in and of themselves. This reflects, in part, the militant pro-government view of the growth of Boebert’s progressive opponents. Being our representative is more than just sponsoring a bill. Visit his website and see everything she does and does. Compare it with US Senator Hickenlooper’s website, which is devoid of details.

I found MP Boebert accessible and responsive. Last fall, my wife and I had lunch with the congresswoman near the Capitol. We were impressed that she carried a beeper so she could answer any call for a vote on the floor of the House.

I hope the Aspen Daily News continues its in-depth reporting on our elected officials leading up to the November election. Similar reporting on Senator Bennett, of whom we hear so little, would be an excellent public service.

Thomas J. Baker

Chairman of the Pitkin County Republicans