Public housing

AC Public Housing Pioneer Updates Community | Editorial

To be eligible for new housing, families had to be citizens, have an income too low for market housing, and live in substandard housing. Veterans of World Wars I and II were preferred, but could be upgraded depending on the needs of others.

In some cases, a family of five or more can rent a four-bedroom unit for $ 16 per month. Needless to say, the dollar was worth a lot more back then.

The development of Buzby Village cost $ 1.6 million (which would be $ 16.8 million in today’s dollars). Its full rehabilitation 70 years later will cost $ 15.4 million, almost as much.

The upgrade, so thorough it deserved another innovation earlier this month, will see almost everything in the refurbished housing and more. The Michaels organization will construct all-new kitchens and bathrooms, construct new roofs and support piles for buildings, install new windows and insulation, and make all structures durable and flood-resistant. The community center will be renovated and equipped to double as an emergency shelter, with a natural gas powered generator to provide cooling and heating, electricity and internet, showers and even oxygen machines.

Residents have the choice of temporary accommodation while their homes are being converted. The entire project is expected to be completed by March 2023.