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ACT Labor senator appointed civil service minister

Cabinet Minister Katy Gallagher will be responsible for the portfolio overseeing the APS, in addition to his appointment as Minister of Finance and Minister for Women.

The ACT senator is one of 10 other women to hold ministerial posts in Anthony Albanese’s new government. She was a prominent voice on the election campaign, speaking to the party government audit and consultant cost reduction plans if Labor were elected to power.

Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles will add to his post as Deputy Prime Minister the role of Defense Minister, Mark Butler becomes Minister of Health and Aged Care, Chris Bowen has been appointed Minister of Climate and Energy, while Claire O’Neil will serve as Home and Cyber ​​Minister. Security.

Linda Burney will be Minister for Indigenous Australians, and Bill Shorten will be Minister for NDIS and Minister for Government Services.

Victorian MP Mark Dreyfus will serve as Cabinet Secretary and Attorney General.

Jason Clare is the new education minister and Tanya Plibersek will manage the environment and water portfolio.

Tony Bourke will serve as House Leader, as well as Minister of Employment and Labor Relations and Minister of the Arts. Brendan O’Connor will be Minister of Skills and Training.

Katherine King will oversee the portfolio covering infrastructure, transport, regional development and local government. Social Services will be overseen by Amanda Richworth.

A new Department of Housing, Homelessness and Small Business has been created by Albanese and will be overseen by Julie Collins.

Albanese revealed his new ministry for the 47th legislature after a caucus meeting on Tuesday evening. He also confirmed vote count for Gilmore electorate suggested that the Labor Party had obtained a 77th seat in the Lower House – one more than was needed to form a majority government.

“This is an exciting team, brimming with talent, with people who are absolutely committed to making a difference in my government,” the Prime Minister said.

“This is the highest number of women (10) to ever serve in an Australian cabinet, there are 13 women in the ministry and 19 frontbenchers – a record number in all three categories.”

The new ministers will be sworn in by the Governor General on Wednesday morning, followed by a full ministerial meeting in the afternoon.

Albanese described his colleagues as the “most experienced new Labor government” since the Australian Federation.

“I think that bodes well for the functioning of government,” he said.

The PM announced Patrick Doson would serve as special envoy for reconciliation and implementation of the Heart of Uluru Declaration. Dodson will work alongside Burney to see next steps toward constitutional change to recognize the declaration.

“It’s a priority for the government,” Albanese said.

“We hope to put in place structures that will allow members of parliament to participate in this process, but also members of society, including the media. This is a long overdue change that we need to make,” he said.

Labor has also appointed special envoys for the Great Barrier Reef and the arts in MPs Anita Green and Susan Templeman, respectively.

Albanese said meetings of the National Security Committee and the Expenditure Review Committee would continue on Thursday.

“It is a government that has taken the lead. This is a government that is determined not to waste a single day in office, to give Australia a government worthy of the courage, resilience, determination and compassion of the Australian people themselves.” said the prime minister.


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