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Alibaba’s Cainiao to build emergency logistics system with 17 public welfare organizations

At the special social responsibility event held on July 28 during Cainiao Open Week, 17 nonprofit organizations including China Foundation for Rural Development, Shenzhen One Foundation and Amity Foundation officially signed contracts with Cainiao to help build an emergency logistics system and provide comprehensive emergency logistics solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the role of logistics in securing people’s livelihoods and meeting emergency material needs for transport. In the first quarter of 2022, Cainiao began to provide emergency logistics in more than 10 cities, including Xi’an, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Shenyang, Shanghai and Beijing, and delivered more than 30 million emergency materials and of daily necessities.

Niu Zhijing, general manager of Cainiao ESG, said the company has already developed an initial emergency logistics system given its current global logistics network, domestic supply chain in China and current delivery capabilities. . Niu went on to say, “The construction of Cainiao ESG is not a simple donation, but a continuous construction of basic logistics capabilities in combination with its own characteristics, and putting these capabilities at the service of society and the means of life. livelihood of the people.”

At present, Cainiao has opened six public welfare disaster preparedness warehouses across the country, covering the country in all directions. These warehouses are used for the storage, disposal and delivery of disaster relief materials, and can respond quickly to sudden emergencies such as disease outbreaks and possible natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms. floods.

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Next, Cainiao will build an online “emergency logistics” platform to help public welfare organizations allocate warehousing and distribution materials online and track relief materials through the flow. of work. In addition, the company will help nonprofit organizations open special helplines for special groups such as the elderly, and provide diverse distribution in the “last mile” in emergencies through drop-shipping. Cainiao, Cainiao Yizhan and unmanned vehicle delivery.