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Broadband Service for Clarksville Public Housing Residents

The Clarksville Housing Authority has announced that it is continuing to provide broadband access to all 173 low-income social housing units for the second year.

CLARKSVILLE, Ark. – The Clarksville Housing Authority (CHA) announced that it was entering a second year of providing free broadband services.

The CHA currently provides the 173 low-income public housing units in the region with access to broadband service.

In September 2020, the CHA Board of Commissioners agreed to the broadband expansion by making a financial contribution of $40,000 to pay for the equipment. The CHA receives monthly service fee discounts for the entire term of the multi-year contract with the monthly fees currently covered by the CHA with no fees passed on to the CHA resident.

The ACH says it is developing a website that will allow applicants and current residents to access forms, bulletins and other information. CHA says the website,, should go live in a few days.

CHA also provides routine services provided now, including free water, sewer, garbage and wi-fi. Lawn care services continue at a small price which is currently $10 per month.

“CCU’s collaboration with the Clarksville Housing Authority on creating this dedicated fiber optic internet network is a great example of how local organizations can work together to creatively solve problems. This project leveraged CARES funding in a way that addressed the need for connectivity for the economically disadvantaged and it did so in a way that will benefit CHA residents for years to come,” said John Lester, general manager of Clarksville Connected Utilities.

For more information about the Clarksville Housing Authority, call (479) 754-3564.

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