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Brooklyn public housing residents want gas, playground repairs

BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn – From the floor of a collapsing children’s playground to the lack of gas service for nine months, residents of Glenmore Plaza homes say they need repairs now.

Marvin Fleming, Miriam Robertson, and Teddy German are longtime residents of the Glenmore Plaza Houses on Christopher Ave. and say their complaints are ignored.

With the hot summer days, they worry about the safety of children when the sprinklers are on and say there are cracks in the floor of their playground.

“We are following the chain of command with the people we are supposed to be following and nothing has been done,” Fleming said.

Even more frustrating, Fleming says, is that several lines in his building haven’t had gas service for months and there hasn’t been a schedule for repairs. As of Monday afternoon, 55 buildings had gas outages across the city, according to the NYCHA website. Some outages concern entire buildings, while others are certain lines.

PIX11 has contacted NYCHA regarding these two issues.

“NYCHA staff are on hand to assess the watering play area and determine any repairs needed,” a spokesperson said.

As for the disruption in gas service, NYCHA confirmed that it affected 18 apartments and that the outage was due to a broken gas valve. They are currently at the stage of the asbestos restoration investigation.

“While we understand gas service interruptions are bothersome, we also want to ensure the safety of our residents as we work to restore service as quickly as possible,” a spokesperson said. “We ask all residents to continue using MyNychaApp or to call the customer contact center at 718-707-7771 to create a work order for any maintenance needs, including service interruptions.”

PIX11 will be back to make sure the repairs are complete.

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