Public housing

Cape Town residents turn to public housing call center

Cape Town’s call center for social housing issues is growing, with over 19,000 calls logged per year. That, the city says, equates to 75 calls a day.

The Human Settlements Call Center assists residents with inquiries about affordable housing rentals and relief, and assists with requests for housing opportunities.

In addition, call center agents are able to log service requests for a tenant’s repair requests, assist with requests for council-owned rental properties and social housing opportunities, as well as registration in the register of housing needs of the city, among others.

During a monitoring visit to the call center yesterday, Councilor Malusi Booi, a member of the city mayor’s committee for human settlements, praised the call center staff for helping residents resolve their public housing problems.

“Every day, officials go above and beyond to make sure residents have the correct information,” Booi says.

“We thank the public servants for their excellent work as we continue to serve the most vulnerable residents of our communities. Good customer service is more important than ever, especially since the COVID-19 crisis over the past two years.

The city has a notable contact center sector – also known as the business process outsourcing sector – with a number of international clients locating in the parent city.

In addition, the Western Cape Provincial Government has identified the call center sector as a priority industry for job creation in the province.

Councilor Albert Anda Ntsodo points out that human settlements call center managers play a key role in keeping city residents informed and ensuring that the most vulnerable residents receive assistance.

“There is always room for improvement and the city is working hard to see how its services and customer interactions can be improved. We thank the officials for their hard work and for always going the extra mile.

To contact the Human Settlements Call Centre, citizens can call 021 444 0333 or WhatsApp 063 299 9927.