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City allocates CDBG public service funds | News

The City of Kokomo has allocated a portion of its Community Development Block Grant funds to various local non-profit organizations.

The city’s CDBG working total is $843,746, the same as last year, because the US Department of Housing and Urban Development has not yet calculated the amount of CDBG money that the city ​​will receive for fiscal year 2022.

On March 2, the three-person Citizen Review Committee met to rank requests for CDBG money from seven local nonprofits. Administered by HUD, CDBG grants largely fund infrastructure and housing projects that benefit low-to-middle income people, but the federal government allows up to 15% of the total grant amount to go to “public service agencies”.

This year’s public service allowances are:

  • Family Services Society: $25,000 to fund the operating expenses of his shelter for victims of domestic violence. The agency asked for $25,000.
  • Early Childhood Education Center: $20,000 for operating expenses. The center, located in the United Way of Howard County building at 210 W. Walnut St., gives families a place to go with their kids to play for free. The agency asked for $25,000.
  • Good view : $45,000 to fund operating expenses for “The Crossing” building, which houses industrial sales, labor services, pre-vocational training, sky’s the limit programs and its enabling services. The association requested $100,000.
  • Samaritan caregivers: $14,500 for the organization’s seniors program. The organization offers free grocery delivery and other services for personal shopping, transportation, companionship and more to people age 65 and older. He asked for $44,199.
  • Access to the Howard County project: $2,500 for non-profit Medicare co-insurance and vision care programs. He asked for $15,000.
  • Awareness of bridges: $6,000 for operating expenses related to his after-school, mentoring, and job-training programs he runs for local middle and high school students. The association requested $12,000.
  • Literacy Coalition: $7,000 for operating expenses of his building at 901 S. Courtland Ave. He asked for $9,851.

Additionally, the city’s blight elimination program will also receive $60,746 in CDBG funds.