Public housing

DPP’s Chen pledges to add 57,000 public housing units

  • By Lee I-chia / Staff Reporter

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) mayoral candidate Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) said yesterday that he would build at least 57,000 public housing units in Taipei within four years if elected mayor of Taipei.

“One determination, two supports and three cares” is how Chen summed up his housing policy, the “determination” being to create 57,000 public housing units within four years.

Only about 2 percent of housing in Taipei is public housing, which is below the norm of about 5 percent in many advanced countries, and its goal is to reach about 6 percent, Chen said.

Photo: George Tsorng, Taipei Times

The housing on offer would include around 40,000 new social housing units, with the government sub-letting and managing around 17,000 existing private units, he said.

Of the 40,000 new units, 19,444 units are under construction or have been recently completed, 9,021 have been planned by the central or municipal government, and 11,535 units will be added over the next four years, Chen said.

About 2,000 existing units are to be sublet by the city government, and another 15,000 units will be created over the next four years, he said.

The policy’s “two supporters” support residents by reducing public housing rents by 10 percent and providing a subsidy of NT$1,500 per month to residents whose household registry is in Taipei, Chen said.

The “three cares” include conducting a field survey to reveal unsafe housing units and monitoring renovations; helping residents move into appropriate social housing when necessary; and ensuring public housing is clean and meets living standards, Chen said.

Direct help would be provided to those who have difficulty renting accommodation by setting up a service for disadvantaged people to find housing information and rental assistance, he said.

The policy also aims to increase subsidies for older buildings for elevator installations and relax regulations to allow renovations that promote mobility for older people, he said.

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