Public housing

East Harlem public housing resident, 87, has to sit by the oven to stay warm

EAST HARLEM, Manhattan — Public housing residents said they had no consistent heat or hot water on some of the coldest days of winter so far.

Wilson Houses tenant Louise Wigfall, 87, said she spent most of her time sitting next to her oven to keep warm.

Tenant President Joyce Major said enough was enough.

“Everything I say goes in one ear and out the next,” Major said. “We tenants are the ones who suffer.”

As of Thursday, there were as many as 20 developments with more than 16,000 New York City Housing residents with heat and/or hot water outages citywide, according to NYCHA’s own website.

A NYCHA spokesperson said they were required to restore all outages within an average of 12 hours. They say 98% of outages are resolved within 24 hours.

‘NYCHA staff have checked temperatures at Wilson Houses and they currently range from 70.7 to 76.2 degrees and hot water temperatures range from 116.4 to 122.5,’ a spokesperson said. . “There was a heating and hot water outage that lasted just over nine hours on Tuesday due to a broken fan and starter. There have been two heating outages and five hot water outages this heat season due to the age of the boilers and related infrastructure, which is 31 years old. NYCHA staff worked to maintain the stability of the boiler room and reduce the number of service interruptions for residents. »

If you have any problems with your heating or hot water, contact Monica Morales directly at [email protected]