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Digital transformation in the time of Covid-19

The pandemic and rapid digitization have led CPF members to expect more ease and personalization in their dealings with the board.

Mr. Teo’s department has grown rapidly as the board has focused on innovating digital services and creating internal digital tools to provide the best digital experience for members.

It was a steep learning curve, but Mr. Teo relished the challenges and felt a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

“I had to take a few courses, including product management and web design. I didn’t come from a computer background, so I had to learn things like JavaScript,” he says, adding that he studied materials engineering at university.

He received invaluable support from his employer when he took up his new position.

“The council not only funded me for all of these courses, but gave me the time and space to explore them on my own,” says Mr. Teo, who received the Exemplary Trainer award in 2021 for His efforts.

The first of two key projects Mr. Teo helped implement during the pandemic was rolling out the use of digital signatures for forms. The second was a more fundamental digital shift, involving the phasing out of paper letters, paper forms and supporting documents. These initiatives have helped provide more convenient options and a better experience for the Council’s 4.1 million members.

“With the increased focus on digitalization, we have taken the opportunity to push the boundaries; rather than just seeing if people can submit forms digitally, we have been working to see how we could ensure that all of our correspondence is digital by default instead of sending letters,” he says.

Explore new ways to engage members

Over the past few years, the Council has also stepped up its efforts to engage its members and help them get the most out of their CPF savings, using new digital content formats and popular social media platforms.

To create better quality videos and digital assets in a more agile way, Ms. Diviya Dharshini was called upon to lead the new digital content production team in 2019.

“We recognized the greater reach we could achieve with well-crafted and timely content using the right medium,” says Ms Diviya, who joined the council’s media and publicity department eight years ago and is currently Deputy Director (Service Excellence Management) .

A memorable project for her was the video featuring the CPF volunteers, which was one of the first internal videos produced by the young team.

“The video was for the launch of the Community Paying it Forward movement in 2021, where we brought together Singaporeans from all walks of life to pay it forward by encouraging people around them to make the best use of their CPF savings,” says- she.

“There were just three of us on the team at the time, and we took care of everything from pre-production, including conducting preliminary interviews with the volunteers, planning the shoot, the actual shooting, the multi-tasking as an interviewer and art director, through to publishing-production and editing,” adds Ms. Diviya.

The team ultimately came up with two versions of the video. One was in English and the other featured various vernaculars so that a wider audience could relate to it.

“The videos were well received and the success gave us the confidence to pursue larger scale productions and grow the team,” she says.

As the work environment is “collegial” and “educational”, she has never been apprehensive about experimenting and taking on new projects.

Within the Council, newcomers and long-serving employees demonstrate a supportive culture where they are encouraged to take on new roles to expand their skills.

“We encourage employees to work with their supervisors to achieve their goals, or simply to find their own balance – whatever role they play on the board,” says Ms. Caroline Loh, director (human resources) of the board. .

“We respect that everyone has their own unique set of aspirations, values ​​and personal circumstances, some of which change over time,” she adds.