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Governor Hochul Signs Legislation Creating the Public Housing Preservation Trust in New York

Chief Legal Aid Society Civil Practice Attorney Adrian Holder said, “With the stroke of a pen, Governor Hochul has empowered our clients and public housing residents by providing leverage to decide their future through the NYC Public Housing Preservation Trust. At a critical time, with huge unmet capital needs in NYCHA’s social housing and no current prospect of additional federal funding, this legislation will provide an opportunity for NYCHA to access funds to make repairs and for residents to actively choose whether the trust is the means by which their home is preserved. We congratulate the Governor Hochul for signing this bill into law and thanking the sponsors of the bill, Senator Julia Salazar and Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz for their leadership and advocacy.”

VP Enterprise Community Partners and New York Market Leader Baba Hall said, “We join NYCHA, city and state to celebrate the creation of the New York City Public Housing Preservation Trust. The inhabitants of NYCHA deserve to have safe, healthy and high quality housing and a fundamental role in determining what this means in practice. The new funding the Trust is making possible means that NYCHA can clear its backlog of major repairs and make much-needed improvements to its residents. We thank the State Legislature and Governor Hochul for enacting this crucial legislation, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with NYCHA and its residents to foster vibrant social housing communities in New York City.”

Community Service Society President and CEO David R. Jones said: “The Preservation Trust is a win-win for NYCHA and for its inhabitants. It’s a preservation strategy that will keep our public housing public, with richer federal funding that can potentially reach all developments and fully address NYCHA’s Capital arrears of $40 billion without special federal legislation. More importantly, for the first time, it empowers NYCHA residents to decide if and how they want their communities to return to decent conditions. »

Teamsters Local 237 and International Brotherhood of Teamsters General Executive Council, at-Large Vice President Greg Floyd said: “New York’s public housing was once considered a national showcase of civic responsibility that provided stability and dignity to countless families. But that was nearly 80 years ago, and throughout those years, without adequate funding or other resources, these same buildings have come to symbolize urban decline and despair for other generations of New Yorkers. Today, with the establishment of the Trust and unique plans underway to address social housing issues, NYCHA is about to once again become a place of pride for those who live and work there. I would like to express our thanks to the Governor HochulMayor Adams, state legislators and NYCHA President and CEO, Greg Russ, for their hard work and determination to ensure that public housing in New York City is not seen as merely old and a relic of the past, but resilient and revitalized, built to last for generations. »

Mason Tenders District Council of Greater New York Commercial Director Michael Hellstrom said, “On behalf of the 17,000 hardworking members of Mason Tenders District Council, thank you, Governor Hochulfor the signing of NYCHA Preservation Trust Bill into law today. This legislation is historic because it not only addresses long overdue repairs for residents of public housing, it ensures that those repairs will be done by unionized construction workers. The inclusion of a project work agreement and prevailing wage requirements in the bill makes it even more impactful for tenants, as it ensures that they will receive the highest quality repairs from a skilled and trained workforce. Thank you, Assemblyman Steven CymbrowitzSenator Julia Salazar, NYCHAand Governor Kathy Hochulfor your leadership in this crucial housing and labor policy. »

Michael, Local 79 Business Manager Prohaska said, “Local 79 is proud to join Governor Hochul for today’s history NYCHA preservation trust invoice signature. Not only will this legislation pump billions of dollars into public housing for long overdue repairs, but it will also create thousands of union and salaried jobs for New York residents in the process. Thank you, Assemblyman Steven CymbrowitzSenator Julia Salazar, NYCHAand Governor Kathy Hochulfor your leadership on this vital issue and recognizing the importance of including labor standards in policy. »

Rachel Fee, executive director of the New York Housing Conference, said: “The enactment of the Public Housing Preservation Trust fixes NYCHA on the road to full revitalization, with the ability to now make long-awaited repairs for residents. The trust will provide global financing solutions that, in the long term, will benefit the residents of the five boroughs and transform their lives for the better. We are encouraged by the new plans for resident decision-making and the collaborative approach the city and state have taken to pass this important bill. We recognize that it will take a lot of work and time to implement this new model and we look forward to working with the city, advocates and stakeholders to ensure the success of the trust.”

Polo Grounds Tenants Associate President Serena Chandler said: “I’ve lived in the polo grounds for 25 years. Some have been here since what we call day one, they’re not just rented apartments, they’re our forever homes. While things have gone wrong for For a while, times are about to change. Under the Public Housing Preservation Trust, we will finally see the much-needed improvements and repairs inside our homes, and with the protections in place, we will can look forward to a legacy of public housing that will once again bring pride and reverence to our campuses across NYCHA for generations to come.