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How Odisha’s Mo Bus won the UN Public Service Award

The public transport service, Mo Bus, in Odisha is honored by the United Nations Public Service Awards for helping the world recover from COVID-19.

Mo Bus is part of the 10 global initiatives of Brazil, Canada, India, Ireland, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Ukraine.

Why is Mo Bus special?

Odisha Mo Bus

The UN said Mo Bus has integrated “real-time technologies like live tracking, trip planner and e-ticketing”, and an electronic rickshaw system called “Mo E-Ride” as a service. last mile food.

This initiative has brought about a significant change as more than 57% of city commuters now use the Mo bus. Mo E-Ride has helped reduce pollution by 30-50%.

The UN said: “40% of Mo Bus drivers are women and 100% of Mo E-Ride drivers are women, transgender people and people from disadvantaged communities”.

Previously, majority of Bhubaneshwar residents used private vehicles, two-wheelers and auto rickshaws instead of public transport. Action therefore had to be taken to improve the situation.

Odisha Mo Bus

The Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs awarded the Mo Bus service during the 12th India Urban Mobility Conference & Expo 2019 in Lucknow.

According to The Indian Express, it was quoted during the award presentation that “the project builds people’s confidence in using affordable intra-city services with the potential to ease traffic congestion and speed up commuter mobility”. In 2021, the 14th Urban Mobility India Award on Odisha as “State which has implemented the best urban transport projects in the previous year”.

When was Mo Bus launched?

In 2018, Odisha government launched Mo Bus service to transform the urban public transport scenario in the city and its hinterlands using smart technology. The government has “reorganized the city’s transit services to provide an integrated, reliable and inclusive public bus service system”.

Odisha's Mo Bus award won the award

The Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) of Odisha will introduce 289 buses in three phases with the introduction of 200 new buses and the renovation of 89 old buses. The service will also be extended to Cuttack. CRUT is the main agency that provides public transport services in the capital Bhubaneswar and its neighboring towns.

The buses have free Wi-Fi service on board, digital announcements, surveillance cameras and electronic ticketing. Fares for this bus range from Rs 5 to Rs 70 (air-conditioned) and non-AC fares are from Rs 5 to Rs 55.

United Nations Public Service Awards

The UN has recognized innovations that have helped the world recover better from COVID-19 and have helped keep children safe, advance gender equality and protect life below water.

Odisha Mo Bus

Along with implementing new solutions in the provision of services to people, all winners have advanced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Moreover, the use of ICT and digital government in response to COVID-19 has also shown the resilience of public infrastructure.

It was a virtual event to commemorate the United Nations Public Service Day organized by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and the winners of the United Nations Public Service Awards were announced by Liu Zhenmin , United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs.

Other winners

In Thailand, drone technology is being used to save underwater while keeping children off the streets, community centers have been built in Brazil.

In addition, the establishment of equal pay for women and people from disadvantaged communities in Canada and transparent electronic public auction systems in Ukraine are among the innovations honored at the event.

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