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Public Welfare Foundation awards $3.5 million in True Reformer grants

Seven $500,000 institutional grants awarded to community organizations advancing justice reforms

WASHINGTON, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Public Welfare Foundation, the nation’s only endowment fund dedicated to catalyzing transformative new approaches to youth and adult criminal justice, today announced seven True Reformer Fellowships totaling a $3.5 million investment in restorative, community-led and racially just justice approaches to honor 75 years of the Foundationand anniversary.

the $500,000 institutional scholarships have been awarded to:

The True Reformer Grants – named after the historic True Reformer building in washington d.c. that the Public Welfare Foundation calls home – recognizing seven of the Foundation’s key partners through investments that will advance progress and position them for long-term impact. These organizations serve as anchors of the justice reform movement in the communities where the Public Welfare Foundation works.

« 75 of the Public Welfare Foundationand anniversary provides an opportunity for reflection and anticipation,” said the President and CEO of the Public Welfare Foundation Candice C. Jones. “Each of Public Welfare’s True Reformer Grant recipients demonstrates courageous leadership in advancing justice that is just. They are leading the way for a transformative new approach to justice that is community-led, restorative, and just.” racially. They deserve not only our praise, but our investment in ensuring that they can continue to move this work forward in the years to come.”

Institutional grants are one-time injections of capital intended to strengthen the operational and programmatic infrastructure of an organization so that it can continue its work into the future. The leadership of each organization has identified specific, tailored ways to use the funding, including, but not limited to, strategic planning, staff increases, technology enhancements, and operating reserves.

“The Central Michigan for Youth Justice has an ambitious agenda for the coming years that will help reinvent our state’s juvenile justice system by moving to a transparent, data-driven model that prioritizes healing over punishment. and incarceration,” said Jason Smithgeneral manager of Central Michigan for the recipient of the Youth Justice and True Reformer Scholarship. “This donation from the Public Welfare Foundation will help MCYJ develop and strengthen our organizational capacity to achieve our policy reform goals and will support us as we move toward intentionally centering the voices of youth and families who have been directly affected by the justice system in all aspects of our work.”

Grant recipients were nominated by members of the Public Welfare Foundation team and approved by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Each organization was selected based on strong leadership, opportunity for growth, and increased impact and is aligned with the Public Welfare Foundation’s values ​​of community-based, restorative, and racially just solutions.

For 75 years, the Public Welfare Foundation has supported efforts to advance justice and opportunity for those in need. In its 75-year history, the Foundation has awarded more than 5,700 grants totaling more than $700 million. Today, the Foundation’s efforts are focused on catalyzing a transformative approach to justice that is community-led, restorative, and racially just through investments in criminal justice reforms and youth justice.

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