Public housing

Red Hook students rally for social housing justice

PS 15 students in Red Hook had a front row seat on Tuesday in a march for the right to social housing.

Students, community members and advocates have called for a fully funded public housing system in New York where residents can have safe and healthy homes.

“We shouldn’t have to do this, it’s not fair, my friends should live in a good house,” said one student at the rally. “If their toilets are broken, it should be repaired quickly so that they and their families can use it.

People at the rally told News 12 that New York City Housing Authority Red Hook tenants were living in conditions that negatively impact their health. Today, they say some of them are living with mold, pests, extended gas outages, and a myriad of other issues.

“It’s great for students, often as adults we forget these kids have opinions,” said board member Alexa Aviles. “And it’s important for these children to express their feelings and opinions at their own gathering.”

In a 2016 survey of Red Hook tenants, 23% of residents had at least one family member with asthma and 40% had mold in their apartment at the time.

The survey also showed that 94% of residents reported leaks and mold in their apartments in the past.

Red Hook public housing residents are demanding that $750 million be invested to address these issues.