Public housing

Redevelopment of former Ellis Manor public housing in Glassboro leads the way

The Gloucester County Board of Commissioners, Pennrose, LLC, the Borough of Glassboro Housing Authority and the Borough of Glassboro recently inaugurated the redevelopment of the former Ellis Manor public housing complex.

Representatives from national and local governments, administrators, educators and business leaders were joined by residents, entrepreneurs and staff in applauding the partnership between the Borough of Glassboro, GHA, County of Gloucester and Pennrose which will provide affordable housing to residents of the community.

“Partnerships in Gloucester County are what make projects like this possible,” said Director of Commissioners Robert Damminger. “Working with these agencies makes life in Gloucester County affordable and accessible to everyone. “

Built in the early 1960s, the buildings at Ellis Manor were dated and the resort was in urgent need of renovation due to damage. Lincoln Boulevard will consist of 65 one-story cabin units containing 57 one-bedroom units and eight two-bedroom units.

“We are very happy to provide housing for our seniors and people with disabilities,” said Senate Speaker Steve Sweeney. “Providing newly renovated housing to help families take root creates a stronger community, neighborhood and county. ”

All units will be affordable to residents at 60% or less of the Gloucester County area median income.

“This is an important step forward in securing opportunities for everyone in our great county,” said Assembly Member Adam Taliaferro, D-3e. “Projects like these would not be possible without the partnership of the people here today. We look forward to welcoming residents to the County and Borough of Glassboro.

Fifty-two of the Lincoln Boulevard units will have an age limit for those 55 and over. In addition, 13 units will be reserved for people with an intellectual disability without age restriction, and four units will be reserved for people over 55 with an intellectual disability.

All units on Lincoln Boulevard will have their rent met by vouchers based on the GHA project, helping people in the community in need at all levels to access this new accommodation.

“The development team has worked very hard to develop this much needed affordable housing. We look forward to seeing the cabins completed and most importantly welcoming the residents who will occupy them, ”said Kimberly Gober, Executive Director of the Housing Authority of the Borough of Glassboro.

“We look forward to working closely with the Council of Commissioners, the Borough, the Housing Authority and the local community as we take the first step in this exciting redevelopment,” said Jacob Fisher, Regional Vice President of Pennrose. “Plans for the site will transform outdated public housing into a high quality, affordable and vibrant lifestyle community for families and seniors. “

Lincoln Boulevard will also have a 2,908 square foot community building that will include a community hall, a fitness room and a support services center. Outside the community building, there will be a garden where residents can grow their own vegetables, as well as a gazebo.

Residents of Lincoln Boulevard will be immersed in the community of Glassboro as it is a short distance from bustling downtown Glassboro.

“We are delighted to partner with the Housing Authority and Pennrose to create these beautiful, affordable, high quality homes,” said Councilor Andrew Halter. “We intend to continue housing development throughout Glassboro and partner with other developers looking to build smart and modern housing options. “

The project is funded by $ 1.3 million from the Special Needs Housing Trust Fund and a $ 3.8 million first mortgage from the New Jersey Housing & Mortgage Finance Agency, a HOME loan of $ 120,000 from Gloucester County, a demonstration loan financing of $ 530,000 from the Borough of Glassboro. , and $ 13.5 million in 9% equity for the low-income housing tax credit, as well as a construction loan, provided by Bank of America.

“Welcoming families and seniors to Glassboro and Gloucester County will be an incredible time for the entire county. We are delighted to continue to provide individuals with the opportunity to experience how great it is to live and work in Gloucester County, ”said Deputy Warden Frank J. DiMarco, Gloucester County Commissioner’s Liaison Officer with GHA and the Housing Authority of Gloucester County, which serves as a managing agent for GHA.