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Singer: Retired Senator Rice leaves a legacy of public service

Singer: Retired Senator Rice leaves a legacy of public service

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Reacting to news of Sen. Ron Rice’s imminent retirement, the longest-serving member of the Senate’s Republican caucus, Sen. Robert Singer, called his Democratic friend “the conscience of the Senate.”

“There will be a huge void in the Senate without Senator Rice,” Singer said. “I shared time with him on the Senate Health Committee where we became friends who didn’t always agree but always respected each other’s opinions.

“A tenacious fighter for what he believed in and a tireless defender of the people he loved in his legislative district, he will be impossible to replace in the House and a role model to which all senators aspire,” noted Singer.

Rice announced his intention to step down at the end of August from the seat he has held in Trenton since 1986. Sen. Dick Codey is the only longest serving legislator.

“Senator Rice and I formed a strong bond as we fought to improve housing options and the quality and accessibility of services for New Jersey’s homeless people, and to better meet the needs of urban municipalities” , said Singer. “As my friend steps away from State House, I will continue to be inspired by our shared passions.”

When Rice was a newcomer to the Senate, he served under Senate Speaker John Russo, Senator Singer’s father-in-law.

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