Public welfare

The relevance of life lies in living in the spirit of public welfare

Governor Mangubhai Patel said the meaning of life lies in living in the spirit of public good. Human beings have a special ability to understand and cooperate with others. Along with this incredible power of communication, the ability to reach out was given.

He said it is the responsibility of the educated section of the society to cooperate with the backward and disadvantaged sections of the society and bring them into the mainstream of the society.

Governor Patel was addressing the second convocation of LNCT University. He inaugurated the program by lighting the lamp. It rewarded gold medalists and doctorate holders. The Governor honored film actor Suman Talwar and social worker Sanjeev Kumar with honorary degrees. He praised social worker Raj Kishore Chaurasia.

Governor Patel said that for service and cooperation, motivation is required, not means. Children from disadvantaged neighborhoods can be significantly helped in their education by cooperating in teaching them the subjects taught in school. For this, no means are needed, just an hour of routine. The governor said that the self-satisfaction one would get from helping someone would be incomparable and enjoyable. He said that working with responsibility is the basis of success. He expected students to observe the oath of convocation daily. Governor Patel said victims should be treated with sensitivity. Insisting on being health conscious, doing yoga and taking care of your diet, he said easily digestible foods should not be taken and not those that taste good.

Private Universities Regulatory Commission Chairman Bharat Sharan Singh said that Diksha (initiation) is the beginning of life education. The current era is that of specialization by subject. Therefore, the continuous acquisition of knowledge is necessary. Maharishi Dadhichi donated his body for the welfare of mankind. He urged the students to continue to irrigate their roots with the knowledge and talents they have acquired. University Chancellor JN Choukse said that the meaning of life lies in becoming a good person. A good person is good and successful in all situations.

He expected students to always remember their parents and teachers. Always be grateful to them. Act on your inner voice. Always be ready to learn, to listen and to be true to yourself. Chancellor Prof. Anupam Chouksey expressed his vote of thanks. Vice Chancellor NK Thapak administered the sermon and oath of convocation to the students.