Public service

USD College Corps Helps Students Engage in Public Service

The University of San Diego is seeking 95 undergraduate students to perform public service work next year as part of the first SHU Academic Body program.

Earnings? Up to $10,000 to pay for college.

Participating students who complete 450 hours of service between August and June 2023 are eligible to receive a $7,000 stipend provided through monthly installments and an additional $3,000 scholarship at the end of the program.

The #CaliforniansForAll College Corps is a “historic, state-level investment in service that creates debt-free pathways for students who commit to service in their communities for one academic year.” The 2022-23 school year will be the first of a two-year partnership with the state initiative.

Approximately 6,500 students at 48 participating colleges and universities in California will support and learn from organizations working in three priority areas: K-12 education, climate action, and food insecurity.

The opportunity is open to all undergraduate students, not just those in a science-based field of study.

“This is less a scientific question than a real global issue,” explains Michel Boudrias, Ph.D., associate professor of environmental and ocean sciences, who will act as an educational advisor and mentor for the program.

The three primary goals of College Corps are to create a generation of civic-minded leaders who can bridge gaps and solve problems, help low-income students graduate from college on time and with less debt , and address societal challenges and help build more equitable communities across California.

“To me, College Corps is about the hands-on, real-life training we want our students to get with community needs…plus, it helps students with their financial aid. It’s a win-win-win,” says Boudrias.

Students from all disciplines will be placed in cohorts and partner with various local organizations to work on issues, in particular the fight against climate change and sustainability efforts regarding food insecurity.

To date, 30 partners have confirmed, including the Port of San Diego, San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative, Foundation for Climate Restoration, San Diego Coastkeeper, MAAC, Access, Brightside, Community Housing Works, Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) , the Environmental Health Coalition and the San Diego Unified School District.

“College Corps is a student-centered program where our students work with a partner who is deeply committed to work that will truly change the region and region,” says Boudrias.

If you are interested in applying or have any questions, please contact Program Coordinator Alvin Seepaul at [email protected].

— Matthew Piechalak