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UVA honors those who have built bridges and led efforts against the pandemic

Her nominators, including partners from the Blue Ridge Health District, wrote about how helpful she has been during the COVID-19 pandemic. They noted that she personally reached out to families to help remove barriers to their vaccination.

The vaccination effort that Veith helped coordinate resulted in approximately 600 vaccines being administered at 10 community vaccination clinics. Veith spent hours working with community partners to organize the clinics as pandemic conditions changed and required more volunteer hours.

As a clinical instructor, Veith takes students to work in the clinic for 12-week rotations, but they don’t just learn the activities of a community nurse, important as they are. They also learn about the community they serve, meeting weekly with the residents they are matched with.

Nursing students learn to contribute beyond traditional nursing roles, including picking up and delivering food directly to the community kitchen, helping with things like a broken phone, and developing an after-school program for teach elementary and middle school students. on health, careers and personal care.

They particularly had an impact on children during vaccination campaigns, Veith noted. At the vaccination clinic for 5 to 11-year-olds, UVA students have set up a fun space for observing and answering questions and concerns. Although only 16 children were registered at first, when other children came by after school they went to tell their parents and by the end 43 children had been vaccinated.

A colleague called her a “true civil servant” and a “role model” for everyone at the University.

Deirdre Enright and Jennifer Givens, Faculty of Law

Deirdre Enright founded The Innocence Project, which works to overturn wrongful convictions that have sent innocent people to prison. From 2015 to 2021, she and Jennifer Givens served as co-directors, leading students who help work on such cases. Now Givens is working with Associate Director Juliet Hatchett as Enright pursues a new reform-focused project.

Enright and Givens worked “to combat one of the gravest injustices a society can commit: wrongfully convicting people of crimes,” Dean Risa Goluboff wrote in nominating them for the award. “They do this work tirelessly and efficiently with a group of AVU law students by their side. They free innocent people from prison, care for families, build communities and improve the justice system.