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VIHA Updates Public On COVID-19 Operations, Public Housing Issues

Virgin Islands Housing Authority

The Virgin Islands Housing Authority (VIHA) continues to do everything possible to ensure that the health, safety and well-being of social housing residents, program participants and staff are not compromised during the COVID pandemic. 19. As a result, effective today, August 3, the following administrative checks and guidance for residents and tenants have been put in place and will continue through August 31.

  • All in-person contact with the public at VIHA facilities throughout the country is suspended.

With the exception of routine service providers, visitors are prohibited from entering VIHA facilities, including VIHA central and management offices at the various authority properties on each island.

  • Community centers are closed to large group gatherings / events.
  • After-school programs will continue to be suspended until further notice.
  • All appointments scheduled for candidates and other clients will be rescheduled if necessary.
  • Residents can continue to use payment points at existing banks. Rental payments can also be paid using a US Money Order and sent by US Mail.
  • Residents whose rent statements need to be adjusted should contact their respective community’s property manager by phone, email and / or SMS to obtain an updated statement. The new statement will be delivered by hand to their units.
  • Residents of public housing and Housing Choice Coupon participants who have experienced a loss or decrease in their income must complete a “Change of Situation Form” to report any change in financial situation. This form is available on the VIHA website at The completed form and supporting documents can be returned by email to [email protected] (for low income social housing) or [email protected] (for the Housing Choice Voucher program (section 8)), by mail American or email. person at the end of the suspension period.
  • The Virgin Islands Housing Authority will continue to make monthly rent payments to landlords for eligible Housing Choice Voucher (HCVP) participants. Owners are strongly encouraged to visit for the appropriate form to sign up for direct deposit or contact the VIHA office at 714-0174 on St. Thomas or 778-8442 on St. Croix for more ‘information.

  • For Housing Choice Voucher participants, Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspections of occupied units will continue during this period. If you observe HCVP inspectors wearing gloves, slippers, and / or face masks, these are worn simply as a precaution and to help provide a degree of protection and comfort for their life and yours.

As always, inspectors will clearly identify themselves before entering a unit. VIHA asks that if anyone in the apartment is sick, please advise the authority before the inspection or before the inspector enters the apartment.

Please note that VIHA respectfully requests that anyone present during an inspection wear a face mask for the protection against COVID-19 as well as the protection of VIHA employees.

  • Remember to contact the landlord immediately if you have any repair issues with a rental unit.
  • All utility checks will continue to be mailed to residents.
  • Staff in our social housing communities will continue to serve customers by phone and email, and respond to all work orders as needed, unless otherwise specified.
  • To report public housing maintenance emergencies, residents should continue to call (305) 447-2464 and provide the following information: name of the housing community, building number and apartment, name of the person reporting the problem, contact phone number and description of the maintenance emergency.
  • Residents and employees are encouraged to follow recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Virgin Islands Department of Health (DOH), Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency (VITEMA) as well as updates from the Virgin Islands Department. Social Services (DHS) and the Virgin Islands Department of Education (DOE).

VIHA will continue to monitor this situation closely and will modify its plan accordingly. In addition, please listen to the advice of healthcare professionals and wash your hands frequently, wear gloves and a face mask in public places.

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