Public service

Williamson County Constable Paul Leal wins public service award

Williamson County Constable Paul Leal has been selected by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement to receive the 2022 State of Texas Law Enforcement Achievement Award for Public Service, according to a June 13 statement.

The release said Williamson County Lt. Mike Pendley nominated Leal for the award.

Leal, who serves precinct 4, was selected for his acts of service during the February 2021 ice storm, which happened just 45 days into his first term, according to the county.

Additionally, Leal worked 12-4 hour shifts and delivered 600 pounds of food to 16 homes and 46 apartments. It also delivered firewood to those in need and helped seven vehicles get back on the road.

“Agent Leal truly demonstrated what it meant to be a community servant during the event,” Pendley said in a statement. “He also distributed his personal laptop [phone] number as well as put it on social media for anyone in need. He used his personal social media accounts and the office account to coordinate donations of food, water and firewood.”

According to the Commission, Leal attended an awards ceremony in the House of Representatives at the State Capitol on June 10 to receive the award.

“I’m thrilled and honored to be the State of Texas recipient, but the people of eastern Williamson County were the real heroes,” Leal said in the statement. “We appealed on social media for the things people needed, and they responded to those needs. We collected food, firewood, medicine and more. They were the real heroes , I was just the delivery man.”